Better disabled access to the surgeries and dental chairs

We have upgraded all the dental chairs for easy ‘in and out’ design for our mobility challenged patients. These new dental chairs create more room space for wheelchaired patients and we can even opt to treat patients in their wheelchair where necessary or if our patients prefer this method.


Sedation training

All the nursing staff have just completed updated and enhanced training and knowledge in assisting and supporting those patients who are sedated for their dental treatment.They attended the Society for the Advancement of Anaestesishis in Dentistry (SAAD) course in February 2017. Dr. Gray attended the course in 2016 and Dr. Hussain is attending in June 2017.


New imaging equipment

The practice has just installled the latest CT scanning machine providing  accurate 3D  imaging (CT scan) to diagnose diseases of the mouth and jaws. It also is used to accurately plan the  insertion of  implants, diagnose root canal diseases and diagnosing the extent of  gum disease more accurately. The latest up to date equipment provides accurate CT imaging slicing to less then 1mm with much reduced Xray exposure to the patient. Compared to a hospital CT it is also at a much lower cost to the patient. Hospital CT scans typically cost between £800 to £1,200 pounds and require separate appointments. Our charge would be typically a quarter of this price and can be carried out immediately by our trained staff.


Ongoing learning and training

We are very committed to our ongoing lifelong learning programme for all the team members at the Broadway Dental Practice. We regulary attend short and long term courses as well as stay ahead with the progress of technology, materials and new treatments to offer our patients.

Dr Hussain has just completed advanced training in providing aesthetic and cosmetic dentistry. He completed the 10 month course in central London. We are also pleased to announce that he  also just completed an advanced adult orthodontic course for adults to provide short term braces to correct crooked front teeth or for thoe  patients whose teeth have relapsed after wearing braces as a youngster. The treatment typically takes 6-9 months and uses the latest ceramic tooth coloured brackets and non metal wires so that it is more aesthetically acceptable for adult patients of all ages.

Dr Gray, who got a high distinction in his MSc degree from the university of Krny last year has now embarked on another advanced MSc course in Restorative Dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons of England. The course is over 3 years and will gradually propel him to be recognised as a specialist in Restorative Dentistry.